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Vancouver Commercial Photographer

As a Vancouver photographer, we offer a variety of photo shoots. We have years of experience in drone, headshot, real estate and wedding photography in Vancouver, BC. We also have a lot of experience in photographing headshots for various purposes – be it business or private.

As an experienced Vancouver photographer, we offer professional photo shoots in many different areas. In our core competence of photography, we are just as experienced in the field of business and commercial photos as well as wedding photography.

We love our job as Vancouver photographers and share our enthusiasm with our customers. Due to our passion for photography, we realize every order with professionalism and a high level of quality.

Make an appointment with a photographer in Vancouver for your professional photo shoot.

Vancouver Commercial Photographer

Wedding Photography & Videography Vancouver

We create creative & emotional wedding photos and wedding videos in Vancouver BC and throughout Canada.

The wedding: The day on which two people promise eternal love and loyalty is something very special. For many, it is one of the most important events in life. On such a day you want to stop time and enjoy the moment forever.

The most important day of your life captured in pictures that will accompany you for the rest of your life. We capture the big and small emotions and moments.

Affordable Wedding Photography Vancouver

We offer you clear prices with no hidden costs. The hours refer to the time that the wedding photographer photographs you, whether for the wedding reportage or the bridal couple shooting. Our Vancouver wedding photographer team accompanies weddings in the regions of BC, Canada.

Our wedding photographer accompanies you on your most beautiful day and ensures unforgettable memories for your wedding album. Our Vancouver wedding photographers are equipped with the most modern mobile photo technology and can therefore adapt perfectly to the circumstances of your wedding location.

Wedding Videography Vancouver

Life is like a movie sometimes. So, wouldn’t it be nice to just be able to relive the greatest moments? Your wedding is definitely one of those moments and deserves to be looked at with tears of joy even years later. The wedding video is packed with beautiful fitting music, emotions, speeches & vows, great moments and moments in between moments that make your wedding so special.

Thanks to many years of experience, our videographers know the exact procedures of a wedding. We would be happy to advise you without obligation on how we can immortalize your wedding with a wedding video.

We look forward to accompanying your wedding as best wedding photographers Vancouver, BC.

wedding photography vancouver

Headshot Photography Vancouver

The viewer of the photo must have the impression that he has looked at and being addressed and not that someone looked into a camera. A headshot photography should convey self-confidence, sympathy and competence. And that’s just about the expression. Therefore – as is sometimes common in portrait photography – accessories, working materials or the inclusion of the environment are dispensed with in order to establish a connection to a person’s status or profession.

Professional headshots Vancouver as they should be.

A headshot is the modern form of a business portrait. Headshot photos are therefore portrait photos that capture the face of the person in particular very realistically, so that a positive impression is conveyed. As part of the digital identity, headshot photography has become indispensable, especially in the professional environment.

For professional headshot photos, special value is therefore placed on the perfect expression of the face.

This is achieved through elaborately generated lighting effects and a wide variety of techniques used by the professional headshot photographer. The lighting is therefore a very important element during the shoot.

A headshot photography Vancouver is a clear investment that you can use in a goal-oriented manner for your future.

headshot photography vancouver

Drone Photography & Videography Vancouver

With drone photography, you get exciting shots that are taken close to the object. The altitude of use is between 1 and 100 meters. The height allows for wide shots. Nevertheless, foreground details are possible from a distance of up to 2 meters.

The camera drone conjures up fascinatingly different aerial photos with a better spatial effect:

  • Architectural shots from inaccessible perspectives
  • Construction documentation from exciting perspectives
  • Impressive views of real estate portfolios

Our drones produce breathtaking images for your production. Or they use our know-how for inspections or measurements from a new perspective.

We create professional aerial photos using remote-controlled high-tech drones (quadcopter and multicopter), which we select depending on the requirements and project. On your behalf, we produce recordings for film and TV productions, commercials, image films or documentaries. We accompany professional photographers at weddings, company celebrations, proms and major events and deliver pictures and videos from a bird’s eye view.

Drone shots from extraordinary perspectives

For all companies that want to show something more, 360-degree aerial panoramas and videos are an indispensable element in marketing. High-quality 360-degree panoramic photos and videos from the air allow an all-round view of your property and the surrounding area.

Video recording with drones opens up creative possibilities that were previously impossible: approaches from low altitudes at close range, from the water, low-altitude overflights, through interiors and doors to the outside, etc… Full HD or 4K images created by remote control videos.

Do you have a specific project or an idea floating around in your head when it comes to drone photography & drone videography?

Real Estate Photography Vancouver

Real estate photography is a key part of our marketing activities, because a property can be presented much better with perfect photos. We put your property in the limelight and attract interested parties.

Our specialized real estate photographers in Vancouver find the perfect viewing angle, image section, perspective and image composition for every room – they capture the individual character of each building and understand how to visually emphasize the qualities and advantages without concealing and/or making up flaws. A simple post-processing of the photos is always included – here the colors are refreshed a little, the photos are adjusted in terms of exposure and temperature and minor cosmetic corrections are made.

With our specialization in high-quality real estate photography, we offer you a marketing tool with which you can develop into one of the top companies in Vancouver real estate market.

In professional real estate photography, it is important that the real estate images guide the interested party through the property and show the layout of the premises. In order to highlight the special/unique details of the house, it is important to photograph them as well as possible and to present them as real eye-catchers.

real estate photography vancouver

Commercial Photographers Vancouver Businesses Can’t do Without

Out of sight is out of mind. We keep your brand at the forefront of the industry with our professional commercial photography in Vancouver.

Capturing the essence of what you sell while compelling your audience to buy it from you.

Be it a product, service or any other event, business conference, we have a team of commercial photographers and videographers for you. Indoor or outdoor photography, we can manage it all for you.

We have the creative vision and practical know-how to present the best and most compelling side of your brand. It can be the design, colour, message or any other USP. Our highest-quality photographs can be used for advertising/promotion—online and offline.

No beating around the bush. We work to get what you desire the most—customers. Share your needs and we set the ball rolling for your brand to enjoy the spotlight.

Let’s do it.

Vancouver Commercial Photographer

Our Commercial Photography Services include

Product and Lifestyle Photography

A picture is worth a thousand words. We capture shots that entice and engage the audience to buy products from you. Product catalogues, lifestyle shoots and more.

Food and Beverage Photography

Showcase the best of your food menu in the right light. Food, drinks, chef-specials, recipes, and more. A stunning stream of consumable images that keep the tables reserved.

Real Estate Photography

Capturing the interiors and exteriors of residential and commercial properties. Giving a peek into what could be a dream home, an office or a space your customers can’t resist walking into.

Commercial Headshots

We do commercial headshots for websites, social media profiles, magazines, billboards, television adverts and more. The authentic you is what we bring to the fore; not a plastered smile.

Conceptual Photography

Selling a difficult concept in a way that people understand—beautiful images that have a story to tell. Advertise your business in a way that sets the bar high in the industry.

Ecommerce Photography

What looks good sells faster. It defines our eCommerce photography. Eye-catching images that improve shopping cart conversion rate. Clothes, shoes, accessories, and more.

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Yes. Our commercial photographers can travel to any venue including your office in Vancouver BC. Share the details and let’s work together.

Currently, we do not provide makeup artists. We can share some recommendations if you want.
It can take anything between 45 min to 90 min depending on the job.
Usually, it takes 2-3 business days for professional headshots. Please understand that we do retouching of the photos to deliver the excellent images you expect from us. We can do work on a priority basis if you want.

Still, have questions? Shoot an email at We’ll revert in less than 24 hours with the best possible explanation for your business.