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When you start your business, logo creation is the first thing that comes into your mind. A logo is the cornerstone of your entire brand. Because of a powerful logo, your business gets more attraction by the consumers. There are various types of logo, from them, you can choose your favorite one.

Custom logo design Vancouver types

  1. Wordmark

This type of logo relies on text, typeface, and unique typography to convey a brand’s identity. These wordmarks are best for those companies whose names are distinctive and describe what they do. Wordmark option is cost-effective and is also the best thing for companies with a limited marketing budget.
  • Lettermark

In this type, text-only lettermark relies on initials to represent the brand. This is a great idea if your initials look better than your full company name. These lettermarks are best for companies whose names are well-known.

  • Brandmark

A brandmark is a symbol that represents the aspect of the product or service of the business. This type of logo works well if you need an emblem for your product. The brandmark logo design evokes emotions in viewers.

  • Iconic

This logo-type effectively indicates what a company does and what it stands for. It works well for startups and small businesses whose names are distinctive but not widely recognized.

You can take assistance from professional logo designers; search as “Best logo design company Canada” and you will get wide-options of experienced and certified designers.

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