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In Canada alone, millions of websites compete to be found by users. It is not enough to simply put a website online. Without search engine optimization, nothing works today if you want to be found. SEO for small businesses can be extremely effective.

SEO isn’t just for the big brands. Even small companies have to position themselves well in the market in order to gain competitive advantages over their competitors. Because if you are invisible and don’t advertise, you have little chance of success in the long run. With a good SEO strategy, you too can reach the top spots on Google and overtake big competitors. Our SEO strategies are individually tailored to your business.

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SEO for Small Businesses in USA & Canada

SEO is about improving the positioning of your own website in Google searches. In simpler terms, people searching for the services or products you offer will discover your business.

In our digital world, more and more people search online, mostly in Google, for local services every day, whether big or small companies. Well-known business directories are also used as a search medium in many sectors. The first 10 rankings, better known as “the first page”, are particularly important. The searcher pays full attention to the results of the first page in Google. You probably know it yourself: Since Google understands the search intentions better and better, the desired information can be found on the first page of almost all common search queries. The second page is visited very rarely or not at all.

A professional website with a good positioning in the search engines is therefore essential in order to remain or be present on the market in the long term.

Through various optimization measures, your website gains trust and is classified as higher quality by Google and thus achieves a higher placement and visibility in the search engines. In return, more potential customers will become aware of your company, who can be won as new customers with an inquiry.

SEO for Small Business

Is SEO Worth It for Local Businesses?

The answer is definitely yes! With search engine optimization, the placement of your website in the search results can be improved enormously. If you are found more easily by your customers, the traffic on your website will increase and, in the best case, your sales too. You expand the reach of your brand and can even overtake stronger competitors, especially with local SEO.

As an experienced local SEO agency, we have already helped countless local clients to become visible online. Together with you, we design a strategy how you can be found better on Google and thus get more customers. Contact us for a free initial assessment of your website!

The Advantage SEO for Small Business:

The benefits of SEO for small businesses or SMBs are broad. First, however, your goals should be defined. What would you like to achieve for your company through SEO measures? In what period of time should this goal be achieved? And much more. In most cases, however, the goal is clear: to get more customers or inquiries.

More website visitors/traffic

More reach

Stronger brand presence

Competitive advantage

Increased conversion rate

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Small Business & SMBs SEO Services in USA & Canada

Our SEO strategy: Deliver results you can see. For better findability:

Local SEO Audit & Strategy

We take a comprehensive look at your current state to determine where you are, where your competitors are and what you can do to achieve better results. We then create a tailor-made strategy with a package of measures based on the results of the audit and your company goals.

On-Page SEO Optimization

We understand the importance and challenges of building a website to serve local search needs. On-Page Optimization forms the basis for search engines to become relevant and to offer visitors a better user experience on your own company website, so that you can better convince them of your own services.

Local Content Marketing

You need content that gets found and is engaging and relevant to your visitors. We have extensive local content creation experience, develop local subpages and have a deep understanding of which local content ideas will best support you.

Google My Business Optimization

We have successfully optimized many Google My Business accounts. We know the guidelines, common problems and have suitable solutions ready. Use the full potential of Google My Business for better online visibility.

Local Link Building & Backlink

Link building can positively support your organic and local rankings. More importantly, local links bring local people to your site. Smart content combined with the right reach can give you great link building opportunities in your area and help you become an authority.

Online Reputation Management

A positive online reputation is one of the most important marketing tools for local businesses. This creates trust with potential customers and strengthens the bond with existing customers. It therefore makes strategic sense to develop a long-term online reputation strategy and to implement evaluation processes.

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