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Reach More Customers with Our SEO Services

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or search engine optimization is the targeted adaptation of your website to the current guidelines and algorithms of the search engines in order to appear as high as possible in the search results of Google, Bing and Yahoo. SEO is becoming more and more important for companies to stay competitive.

The number of searches on Google is increasing every year. On mobile devices, over 96% of all searches on the Internet now lead back to the Google search engine.

It is therefore important to find out which keywords/search terms your potential customers are looking for in order to then optimize your website in a targeted manner and improve the Google ranking. The rankings on the first page on Google are decisive.

According to studies, 95% of all Google searches end on the first page.

If your website doesn’t appear on the first page of Google, you have a very small chance of being found by searchers. We have made it our mission to optimize our clients’ websites with tailored SEO strategies so that they rank at the top of search results. To do this, we use the latest updates from the search engines as a competitive advantage for our customers and place them ahead of the competition.

Thanks to our many years of experience in optimizing websites, as well as observing current SEO trends and developing our own SEO techniques, we can offer our customers a Professional SEO Service, competent SEO advice, continuous SEO support and targeted website Search Engine Optimization at fair prices.

TECHATAMI is your contact as an SEO agency in Canada for more clicks and more conversions

With more than 10 years of experience in the SEO world, our SEO managers are equipped for a wide variety of inquiries and support in search engine optimization. Our SEO team has distinct specializations. Be it technical SEO, content optimization, tracking experiences and much more. Due to our wide range, we can offer individual and well-founded SEO support.

We make you more successful on the internet. We rely on personal dialogue and individual solutions. Together we will do everything to achieve your SEO goals and even exceed them! We are the SEO agency at your side and look forward to sustainably optimizing your website so that you are at the top of the organic search in the long term.

SEO Website Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a part of search engine marketing and aims to improve the ranking of a website in the free organic search results of a search engine such as Google.

With a good positioning of your website in search engines, you will receive high-quality visitors with purchase and contact intentions. Improve the ranking of your website in search engines through well-founded technical website optimization and subsequent ongoing SEO support.

 SEO Content Optimization

The optimization of the page structure and page content with the aim of increasing the User Experience (UX) of a website is becoming increasingly important for good search engine positions. Search engines are getting better and better at understanding the context of user searches and analyzing user behavior on websites.

Search engines analyze the search queries made, the content of your website and the behavior of visitors to your website. With the help of AI methods (machine learning), the ranking of your page is determined for search queries. The higher the relevance of your page for a user’s search query, the better your chances of achieving a good ranking in the search results.

SEO Monitoring & Ongoing SEO Support

Are you looking for ongoing SEO support for your website? In our understanding, SEO support includes regular SEO website monitoring (observation of the degree of search engine optimization of your website, current keyword positions, competitor observation) and SEO reporting (reports on the current website SEO, keyword ranking, optimization options). An SEO service for necessary / meaningful optimizations for further and constant improvement of your website. So, you are well prepared for all possible SEO changes and safe from unpleasant surprises.

SEO Landing Pages & Campaigns

With our SEO landing pages and SEO campaigns, we have developed an SEO method and a technical SEO process to structure on-page search engine optimization and expand it with new, dynamic content marketing options. SEO campaigns are implemented as a separate extension on your website and enable effective, sustainable and cost-effective search engine optimization without changing your existing website content!

Request offer for the search engine optimization of your website. As an experienced SEO Company in Vancouver, we offer you both technical basic SEO and monthly SEO support, as well as content and UX optimization and advanced search engine optimization with SEO landing pages.

Discover our diverse services in the field of SEO

International SEO Services

If your company has a large target group that can also be found internationally, you should definitely use this potential in the form of an appealing website outside of the national borders. We help you to manage the tasks and challenges that can arise when internationalizing your domain. Depending on the country of publication, we will advise you individually on frequently used keywords and customized SEO services as well as the user-friendliness of your domain.

By accessing a huge international database, we are able to uncover relevant keywords in the respective country and in the local language and use them to create content on your website. After some time, just like with local SEO, it is possible to place a website at the top of the search engine results abroad.

On-Page SEO Services

With our on-page optimization, we at the search heroes take care of all SEO-related topics on your website. Through the combination of the latest tools and many years of experience, we can quickly identify the areas in which our customers need SEO services for on-page optimization. To find out, the domain is first analyzed extensively. For this we use crawlers, like those used by search engines.

With the help of tools, error messages and other problems are quickly identified. In this way we can coordinate which onpage optimizations are suitable for you and continue the checks on an ongoing basis. An artificial intelligence (AI) helps us to check the content for spelling, keyword density and filler word quota and displays keyword suggestions that may appear on your website in the future. In this way, content becomes more qualitative in the long term and increases the ranking position of your domain.

Off-Page SEO Services

If you need good SEO, you should not only deal with the on-page content of your own website. In order to increase the authority of your website, you need good external and internal backlinks that are relevant and provide users with further information about your offers. In the course of our SEO services, we tailor the strategies for link building precisely to your company and pay attention to topic-relevant backlinks that also match the main keywords for which you want to rank.

In order to generate high-click and relevant backlinks, we compare authoritative websites from your industry and match them with your content that promises success. For this we use programs that compare and evaluate data sets and links. Thematically relevant keywords and the comparison to high-ranking websites of the same type guarantee more effective and faster link building.

Local SEO Services

Proximity to potential customers is particularly important for smaller companies. Therefore, you should initially think small for your website and take regional and local circumstances into account. In order to gain awareness and relevance in your area, we also take care of the special local search engine optimization. Through tactical strategies and planned SEO services, we ensure that your products, services or information arrive exactly where people are looking for you; and that is close by!

If there is a local interest in your company, we take care of the findability and authority in the area. By building location-based websites and landing pages and using appropriate backlinks, you will be found much more quickly in your region. The ongoing support and constant monitoring of the ranking position as part of our SEO services will provide constant information about the consequences and successes of good local SEO.

SEO Audit

The algorithms of search engines like Google are becoming more and more complex and smarter with every update. The search engine optimization of a website is therefore becoming more and more complicated. The smallest mistake on the homepage can result in ranking losses and thus a drop in sales. In order to be able to cope with the regular Google updates and to be able to react quickly to new developments, it is advisable to carry out an SEO audit.

As part of an SEO audit, your website is subjected to a detailed actual analysis. Existing errors are identified and potential for optimization is revealed. The recommendations for action are clearly summarized in an individual catalog of measures so that you can carry them out step by step. The results obtained from an SEO audit provide an ideal basis for developing a target-oriented SEO strategy.

SEO Consulting

We do what we do best: SEO. Search Engine Optimization is not a quick way for us, but a holistic process. That is why the analysis of your website is at the beginning of our consultation. We recognize unused potential, work out strengths and define strategies. In doing so, we take numerous paths and also the necessary detours – on-page and off-page.

The areas of application of our SEO Consulting in Canada for websites and online shops are as individual as your company itself. Every industry ticks a little differently, which is why there is no universal standard solution for your website, blog or online shop in SEO Consulting. In order to effectively carry out the necessary processes of search engine optimization, our SEO Vancouver consultants need your internal know-how. Nobody knows your company and the range of services as well as you do. Together we analyze what the focus is on and which Search Engine Optimization (SEO) screws should be turned particularly energetically in order to increase your conversions.

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4 good reasons why SEO increases your business success in the long term

SEO is such an effective online marketing tool because you can achieve several goals at once with a clever strategy:

Informational Websites
We will build informative websites that share relevant and compelling information on specific subjects.
Business Website
We design professional websites for small to growing businesses across multiple industry verticals.
Customize Websites
Let us add some more fun to your web designs with powerful graphics, animations and more.

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A Pleasing Digital Presence

Companies are focusing on the unique and attractive web designs so that people can spend more time on the new website which also makes high chances of selling your new-launched products.

Responsive Design

The use of mobile devices is stronger than ever. Millions of smartphones, tablets, laptops and computers are sold and further developed year after year. We strengthen your company through the professional implementation of a responsive design.

Powerful Websites

Our websites are crafted to convert visitors into customers. Remember that, the higher your conversion rate, the better your future growth is.


Thanks to the latest technologies, we are always up to date. We develop modern websites with the best page speed performance and smooth functions. With the software solutions we have tried and tested, we offer reliable web pages for self-administration.

The Techatami Website Design and Development Process in Vancouver, BC

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Frequently asked questions

SEO services are based on improving your ranking. This includes, for example, the creation of new texts, but also the optimization of existing content. The same applies to the integration of images, graphics or links that quickly make your site more structured.

SEO works by optimally fulfilling Google ranking factors through targeted adaptation of the content, technology and user-friendliness of the site. A distinction is made between on-page and off-page factors. On-page factors include content (does the content on the page match the search query?), technology (does the page load quickly, is it well structured?) and usability (is the page user-friendly?). On the other hand, the off-page factors relate to external signals such as backlinks (is the site linked from other strong and reputable sites?) and social signals (is the site shared on social networks?).
The run times for top rankings on Google are heavily dependent on the keywords/search terms that we optimize for you and therefore vary depending on your selection.For search terms with strong competition and high search volume, the process can take much longer than for search terms with average competition and search volume.
Our SEO strategy is different for each project as we customize it for your website.In most cases, we work intensively on on-page optimization in the first few months and then intensively on off-page optimization.

To optimize your website, we need:

  1. Access to your website’s back-end (FTP/cPanel and databases, if any).
  2. Access for Google, Bing and Yahoo webmasters. If you don’t have one, we’re happy to help you set it up.

Have questions? Shoot an email at info@techatami.com.
We’ll revert in less than 24 hours with the best possible explanation for your business.

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