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When it comes to programming and optimizing websites, the SEO agency Surrey Techatami is the right partner for you! With sophisticated concepts, many years of experience and motivated, competent employees, your website will be placed at the top of the search engines and will be easily found by customers and interested parties. Search engine optimization (SEO) is our strength and your advantage!

Your website can’t survive the competition without SEO.  Hire Techatami—the best SEO Surrey BC businesses count on.

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Are you unable to make progress on the search engine, and do you get very little engagement? The way in which you do your business while using the search will probably determine the outcome. It’s possible that your website may fall farther down the list of results on a search engine page if you don’t make an effort to align your business goals with those of your prospective clients.

Utilizing the services of our Surrey SEO agency to map out the most effective approaches to gaining traction can prevent this from occurring.

Our Surrey SEO experts have years of experience helping clients receive consistent traffic to their business websites. We do this by utilizing the appropriate tools and strategies that are relevant to the most recent Google algorithm. As a result, we can accelerate the growth of your company in a short amount of time.

We collaborate with you to ensure that you are able to include everyone at every stage of the process.

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On-page SEO

Anything and everything that makes your website visitors happy comes under our on-page SEO practices.  

It includes but is not limited to 

  • Keyword research to find targeted and relevant keywords 
  • Creating content that helps users and drives organic traffic 
  • Find and fix duplicate content and meta tags 
  • Content audit to remove and replace outdated content 
  • Content marketing 

What your users get—answers to their questions fast and with absolute ease. This is what our SEO strategies are designed for.


Off-page SEO

What does the industry think of your business? How often your brand name comes in someone’s recommendations? 

Reputation matters and at Techatami, we build a strong backlink profile of your website by earning high-quality backlinks from websites with high PA/DA and boosts search rankings.   

You can expect us to take care of

  • Natural link building  
  • Social media marketing 
  • Influencer marketing
  • Robust backlink profile 
  • Thought leadership and more 

Let’s build clout for your business to lead and not follow others. 


Technical SEO

Engineering relevant content is important but what if the search engine bots are unable to find those web pages?  

Count on our Surrey SEO experts to fix your website for crawling and indexing errors.

We will conduct a technical SEO audit that 

  • Optimizes website speed 
  • Optimizes the URL structure 
  • Fixes the broken internal and outbound links 
  • Establishes HTTPS status 
  • Examines website architecture 
  • Uses canonical tags
  • Introduces structured data 

Let’s build a site that is friendly for search engines and users alike.

What SEO Experts Can Do For Your Business in Surrey, BC

Local SEO Surrey BC

Be found by customers near your business. Open the door to local customers and faster sales generation.

Ecommerce SEO Surrey BC

Traffic, new customers and more sales with SEO for online stores and e-commerce. Become #1 in organic search results on Google.

International SEO Surrey BC

Would you like to make your website internationally successful and open up new markets? Gain international customers through SEO.

Surrey SEO Consulting

that Convert for Your Business 

Techatami can help your website reserve the top spots on popular search engines like Google, Yandex and Bing

We do not stop there; we promise to increase the lead conversion rate by 30% within a short time frame.

Not sure if that’s right for you? Reach out to Techatami and discuss lead capturing opportunities to drive your business growth.

SEO Package for Every Surrey Business

From basic to enterprise-level and tailored package

In search engine optimization, one often focuses on Google, since the search engine has a very large market share. More than 250 different factors with different weighting decide on the placement in the unpaid (organic) search results. Many of these factors are known and can be influenced.

Get an SEO package that clubs Search Engine Optimization services your website needs without breaking the bank. 

What you can expect in an SEO package includes .

Have more SEO needs? Questions to ask? Hop on a call with one of Surrey’s SEO specialits at +1 236-412-3333 and set the ball rolling. 


What Does

a Surrey SEO Company Do?

We have a vast experience in designing the ultimate and eye-catching websites.


We offer online advertising and marketing solutions to fit your specific needs.


We have a unique way of bringing
recognition and respect to your brand and company.


Get more and more people talking and raving about your products or services with Surrey’s #1 social media marketing company.


Our professional experienced designers can also provide high-standard services regarding graphic designing.


We are Surrey’s top commercial photographers for brands and companies.

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Frequently asked questions

SEO tips for Surrey

Search engine optimization makes sense if you want to be found by your target group in and around Surrey BC on Google or other search engines. With the help of various SEO measures, your search engine placement and thus your visibility will be increased so that you can reach potential customers and business partners locally.

By successfully placing your website in the local Google search results, you address potential customers and interested parties in Surrey and become regionally visible for your target group.

When optimizing your website for search engines, you can usually see the first improvements in your Google rankings after just a few weeks. Greater success through SEO measures can mostly be booked within four to twelve months, whereby sustainable and long-term results depend on various factors such as your industry, the current market situation and your individual SEO goals, and the duration can therefore not be determined uniformly.

The cost of a professional SEO consultation for your company in Surrey depends, among other things, on the keywords, your products or services, your competition and your individual goals. The clients of our agency in and around Surrey BC receive professional SEO support that corresponds exactly to their needs and budget. We would be happy to advise you in a personal meeting about the amount of investment that makes sense in your case.

It may or may not. With nearly 46% of product searches starting with Google, businesses can’t afford to overlook the revenue generation opportunities online. 

While your business may have a chance to survive, to outdo the market competition, search engine optimization is the 1st step to take. 

It can help you gain targeted organic traffic that converts for your business and improves the bottom line.  

Not to mention, your business will enjoy improved online that broadens your market reach. If you want to thrive in the local market, do not look past Techatami for SEO services in Surrey.

There is no fixed time by which you can see improvement in the website ranking. Search engine optimization is a long-term business strategy that takes time to build organic traffic and improve lead conversion rate. 

It may take weeks, months or more and even the best of Surrey SEO companies can’t give you an accurate answer to that question.  

One thing though we can promise you is dedicated and disciplined SEO efforts for your business growth.  

SEO is arguably one of the best ways to grow your business. It is free of cost, you do not have to shell out big money to gain organic traffic. However, it is time-consuming and you may not see overnight or immediate results.  

In cases like these, we recommend our clients many other digital marketing solutions like 

  • Website designing 
  • Paid marketing 
  • Social media marketing 
  • Brand development

We are Surrey’s SEO experts but understand the value of the aforementioned strategies to strengthen your chances of business success. 

No single strategy is enough for businesses. Instead, we recommend you execute other internet marketing strategies to enjoy rewarding benefits. 

Still, have questions? Shoot an email at We’ll revert in less than 24 hours with the best possible explanation for your business.

The reasons you can’t ignore SEO

Benefit from the know-how and many years of experience of our online marketing and SEO experts and request a free, non-binding offer now! We are one of the seasoned SEO companies in Surrey, with a reputation for knowing the industry inside out. Let’s make it work for you.

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