Social Media Company in Vancouver BC

Social Media Marketing is an important piece for any business marketing strategy. Social platforms assist with your customer’s interaction, brand awareness, and boost your sales and leads. It involves publishing great content on social profiles, connecting and engaging your followers and audience, analyzing results and leads, and running social media advertisements.

Techatami is an award winning full digital marketing agency that offering its services in Vancouver. Our social media experts in Vancouver offer innovative and creative solutions that deliver the targeted customers to your business using the right and effective social media marketing tools and strategies.

Social Media Company in Vancouver BC

Benefits of Social Media Company in Vancouver BC

1. Increasing Traffic

Social media drives and converts 31% of all referral traffic to the website. If people on social media are interested in the content, product, and services you share and discuss, they will be curious in finding out where they can get these kinds of services.

2. Tell your Business and Brand’s Story

Social media is one of the best engaging ways to engage and communicate with followers with your business brand, product, and services. Storytelling for your business and brand on social media platforms helps you to tell stories and valuable information about your brand, products, or whatever to attract your audience.

3. Create Brand Recognition

Creating strong brand recognition is one of the most important marketing benefits for any business. As consumers like and want to buy the brand they know and recognize. Social Media Marketing in Vancouver could be very useful in comparison to traditional marketing as social media allows for eye-catching and effective brand awareness and recognition.

4. Build Customer Loyalty

Business and Brand Communities established on social media have positive effects on customer/business, customer/product, customer/brand, and customer/other customer and business relationships which in turn have more positive effects on building customer loyalty with the brand.

5. Direct Referral Traffic to your Website or Blog

Social Media Marketing can help in sending more customers and traffic to the website. It is unlikely that all of the traffic sources directly access from search engines. Social Media channels allow for more traffic streams. You need to consider what content should be posted and how often it should post. You can set the schedule option to post it in the most effective time and this will provide you enough time to edit for SEO.

In the present scenario, it is almost impossible for any business to grow without a great social media presence. It is a great approach to connecting with customers and creates strong brand awareness with social media company in Vancouver BC.  Keeping up to date with the latest social media marketing strategy could lead to more business traffic, more conversions, and more revenue.