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Social media growth is unstoppable. And as a business owner, if you are not tapping the growth potential, you’re certainly losing ground in the market.

Get more and more people talking and raving about your products or services with Vancouver’s #1 social media marketing company.

Connect and engage your target audience on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other sites with our meticulously crafted social media marketing strategies and strengthen the bottom line.

Adding more value to your search engine optimization strategies in Vancouver, we create a powerful social media presence for your business to enjoy local and global recognition.

Convert social media users to followers and followers into your business customers.

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Social Media Marketing Vancouver BC

Not just survive but thrive on social media

Social media can be overwhelming. Many businesses fail to make a mark and their presence fades away in a blink of an eye.

Who wants to be that forgettable? No one. 

No point in sulking over failed or mediocre social media management and hire a company that stands for excellence in social media marketing and management in Vancouver.

We know how to cut through and make a beeline for your prospective customers to reach out to you on social media or directly contact you via the website.

Our in-house team works hard to study

  • your business and its goals,
  • what appeals to your audience
  • how your competitors perform on social media
  • what the industry lacks and grows with
  • what are the market expectations

In short, we do the groundwork to build a social media brand that is loved and trusted by the audience. Our job does not end here. We keep your social media followers engaged and elated with content that is useful and builds trust.

Tide over the rest with Vancouver’s best social media marketing company.

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Our social media marketing services include

SMM Strategy Creation

We audit your social media presence, website analytics, PPC ads results etc. to engineer a results-oriented SMM strategy that delivers measurable results.

Content Creation

Content matters more than ever. Facebook, Twitter, or other popular sites, we develop creative and actionable content for users to do business with you.

Online Contests/Giveaways

Run social media contests like ‘comment to win big’ or ‘photo contests with celebs’ and rank your business high on the popularity charts. Be the talk of the town.

Social media management

From creating your social media accounts to monitoring and optimizing performance, we ensure your investment drives sustainable business growth.

Social Media Advertising

Crafting hyper-targeted social media ads like Facebook ads, YouTube ads that generate quick results and maximizes the returns on the social media marketing investment.

Digital Painting

Stand out with your social media feeds orchestrated with compelling texts, attractive infographics, fun videos, insta stories etc. Keeping your business alive and breathing life.

Frequently asked questions

You want to create posts and engage with users but not at the cost of annoying them, right? Most social media marketers face this dilemma. We say posting once or twice a day should be a good idea to stay at the top of your followers’ minds.

Having said that, every social media site influences users in a unique way.





1-2 posts per day

3-5 posts per day

1 post per day

1 post per day

The ground rule: share what matters to your audience and not just out of desperation. Flooding their social media feeds with random posts will serve no purpose than putting them off and clicking the dreaded ‘unfollow’ button.

Yes, it does. Gaining organic traffic is not as simple as it sounds. Running search engine optimization campaigns solely does not work for most businesses. Also, it is a long-term strategy that may improve your website rank in weeks or even months. With social media marketing, you can give a significant boost to the website hits and spread the word around about your brand.

By the start of 2021, the number of social media users’ had jumped to nearly 4.2 billion. It is a massive figure that can’t be ignored. In fact, nearly 75% of marketers credit social media marketing for increasing organic traffic to the website.

There is a massive business growth potential out there. All you have to do is make the most out of the opportunities. Dedicate your time out of the business or do what most companies do — outsource the work to an experienced social media marketing company from Vancouver.

The actual cost depends on your social media strategy and the kind of services you want from your social media marketers. The social media pricing depends on factors like

  • The number and type of social media sites
  • The paid ads you want to run on each site
  • The budget you are allocating to social media

On average, running a social media marketing campaign may cost you somewhere between $900 and $6000 per month. The cost will increase if you want to run social media advertising ($400 to $6000 per month) and social media management ($800 to $18000 per month).

If you want to professionally manage your business’s social media presence and generate revenue online, optimal investment is the way ahead. When you partner with Techatami, we do not offer cookie-cutter social media strategies. Instead, we create a tailored social media marketing strategy in Vancouver that entices and engages users to become your customers and recommend your business to others too.