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Need a web design agency in Edmonton? We develop websites and online stores that turn visitors into customers and are on page 1 of Google.

We deliver the best web design from Edmonton, AB: A website with search engine optimization that is individually tailored to your needs, your industry and your target group. We advise you comprehensively and competently, even during the conception of your website.

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Web Design Edmonton

Web agency with many years of experience from many website projects.

Website Design Edmonton

Web design Edmonton AB branch always prepares effective websites for you. We have been in service for years and we design the websites you need like our own. You can be sure that you will receive the websites you want from us in a very high-quality way.

What do we do as website design Edmonton?

  • We prepare all the website designs you need for you.
  • We add the necessary tools to the web designs you order.
  • We prepare the website you want to have prepared according to your business area.
  • We are building a unique website. This will make you much better quality than other websites.
  • We prepare content management systems at the most suitable level for you.
  • We prepare a clean and professional website.
  • We offer different color options on the website. In this way, a beautiful interface emerges for your customers.
  • We are creating a communication management system within the website.
  • We build a suitable website in the field of SEO.

This and many more features are provided by the Edmonton web design company.

We provide you with the best prices. Our professional team attaches great importance to the fact that the built website is completely original. This way, you will have a much more positive impact on Google.

Ready Content Management System

A ready-made site design is used when reconstructing a website. This way, you won’t have to wait for a long time. As website designer Edmonton, we present these designs for you in the best way possible. Effective and wide-scale websites are created for customers who do not want to waste their time. Tools like WordPress are used in this instance. In this way, you will have a much more advanced website.

A Clean and Professional Web Design

User experience is very important when creating a website. Users who enter your site want to encounter a beautiful site. Sites that experience freezing are usually very bad. Users who enter here immediately sweat the site. This is a very bad experience for you. For this reason, we attach importance to user experience. As Edmonton web developers, we are removing the tools that will cause freezes in the site. We find alternative ways for a much faster site and add it to the site. In this way, you will not be missing from the site tools and you will have a fast site structure.

Web design is the planning, conception, layout and design of online content. Modern website design is no longer concerned only with the aesthetics of websites, but with all of their functionalities.

The task of a web designer is, on the one hand, to create a prototype from the ideas and the concept and, on the other hand, to create a perfect interaction of the individual components of your future website. The prototype is then transferred to the finished website.

Good website design

pursues a website goal

impresses with its simplicity

offers an understandable and simple navigation

establishes a visual hierarchy

has great content (images, text, videos)

works on mobile devices

generates fast loading times

Good web design ensures a great and lasting first and umpteenth impression. Good website design is an invitation to interact with you and your brand. Professional web design helps you to be found in search engines.

With individual & user-oriented designs, we ensure that your company presence attracts and retains customers, makes an extraordinary impression and, above all, creates real added value – for your brand and your users!

Starting with the brainstorming and the first design draft, up to the finished concept. We are at your side as a partner with extensive digital knowledge.

Free Support and Update Edmonton

As Edmonton web agency, we always provide support during the period you receive service from us. You can overcome your problems in a short time by working with us.

Today, websites are very important. As technology developed, people started to make transactions and shop over the internet. For this reason, as Edmonton webdesigner, we take care to design the best sites for you.

For years, we have prepared specially designed sites for large companies. These sites, which make them special in their field, create great effects in a short time. Getting help from expert designers is an important issue when designing a site. As Edmonton web page designers, we have this expertise. We can make web designs in any area you want. The designs we have made before are our reference. By taking a look at these designs, you can guess what we can do for you. You can get these designs by contacting us.

Communication Management System Edmonton

We design the best website tools for you at design website Edmonton dealer. The communication management system we have presented allows you to communicate with customers within the website. Customers want answers in a short time. If they don’t get a response in a short time, they talk to another seller. For this reason, there should be a communication channel within the site. As best web design Edmonton, we add these communication tools to your website. In this way, you will have both an effective image and a stylish speech design. Thanks to the structure we will present, the messages will be sent to your inbox within seconds. In this way, you will be able to make transactions on your website without losing any customers. Web designer in Edmonton AB branch guarantees you the best forms of such communication channels. You can get more detailed information about the subject by contacting immediately.

SEO Compatible Content Edmonton

When designing a website, it is important that the site is compatible with SEO. SEO shows that you are compatible with Google and will rank you higher in search results. There are many factors to be SEO compatible. As web design agency Edmonton AB, we meet all of these factors for you. In this way, you will have a website compatible with Google. Both users will have access to much more useful information with your site and you will have natural traffic. Website design and development Edmonton branch offers you many such comprehensive advantages. You can get more detailed information by contacting us.

For the first impression there is no second chance.

A professional website ensures more visibility!

As a web designer Edmonton, we support our customers on their way to online success. With a wide range of services and a large portion of creativity, know-how and motivation, we find new ways and unique solutions.

When developing websites, we rely on current technologies, best practices and reliable software. We give each website a modern and individual layout that suits you and your target group perfectly. If you wish, we can use our professional photographers to photograph your team, your references, your products or your company building. We can revise your existing texts via a professional editing service or we research your topic from scratch and write completely new texts. Our web design company develops individual request forms tailored to your business so that you can optimize your request process.

With professional web design Edmonton AB, Canada, we offer the full service for visibility, usability and accessibility on the web. Thanks to our extensive knowledge and based on our experience, we can optimally support our customers from all over Canada.

Different Color Options Edmonton

We use many color packs when building websites. Among these, you may also have your own preference. It is enough to specify these colors to us during the site construction phase.

Different color options always provide the best user experience for you. Users entering the site encounter an excellent interface. And there is no freezing in the site, and a very beautiful image emerges. Professional web designers always design such features in the best way for you.

Color matching is a very important issue in the sales area and the website area. It is known that some colors are especially preferred in certain sectors. The reason for this is that those colors activate the users. You can also request these colors from us according to the site you are going to process. As Edmonton website design company, we will pay attention to all these details and design your site specially.

Responsive Web Design

Conception, design and implementation of a website for all devices and browsers. Attractive design, perfect function, optimal display.

Real Estate Web Design

We are a web agency specializing in web design for real estate agents. In addition, we offer new customer acquisition in the area of SEO for Real Estate.

Business Website Design

Through the combination of a user-friendly interface and modern technologies, we create websites that will convince you and your target group.

Ecommerce Website Design

Having an e-commerce website developed by a Edmonton web design company is the most efficient way to better reach your customers.

Custom Web Design

Everyone has different needs for a website. We can rely on a wide range of experience, as we have already created websites for customers of all industries.

SEO Website Design

In order to place our customers’ websites high up in the search engines, we rely on rock-solid, long-term effective methods.

Ecommerce Website Design Edmonton

E-commerce is a very developing structure today. All companies make sales by establishing their own sites on internet networks. We design these e-commerce sites for you in the best way possible. You can get the site of your dreams in a very short time. You can have an e-commerce site where you can make much better sales by contacting us.

Edmonton Web Design Prices

Edmonton web design prices are offered to you at the best prices. These web designs, which have various package possibilities, offer you various price ranges. You can choose the one that suits you from these price ranges and then create your order. Do not forget to contact us for detailed price information.

Web Design Vancouver
Web Design Edmonton AB, Canada

Redesign means the visual enhancement or redesign of an existing website. A website redesign brings a breath of fresh air and shows that the company is modern and moving with the times.

Website redesign can help give your website a completely new, more creative and modern look, and the rating of your web presentation will increase significantly. As part of the website redesign, you will also receive elementary SEO optimization, the result of which is a visible increase in the number of visitors and the visibility of your website in search engine results.

An impeccably redesigned website following the latest trends will bring positive changes to your business. Our creative team first analyzes your existing website and then adapts it to the ever-changing market demands using the latest web design technologies and trends.

Increase your profits, make the Internet your largest customer supplier!

Web development is the sum of all activities related to the creation and development of a website. These tasks require mastery of coding as well as use of web programming languages ​​and include designing any type of website or web app.

Website development is a fast-moving and diverse area of ​​computer science, the importance of which is constantly increasing. A variety of different technologies work together to provide rich and complex offerings on the web.

If you have a website or web application creation project and you want to entrust the job to someone with the necessary technical skills and knowledge, our web development company is ready to ensure smooth collaboration. We offer you the opportunity to find solutions that fit your company’s needs. You benefit from personalized services to optimize your interface, adapt it to your target audience, and avoid mistakes that might alienate your audience.

Using the right web design and development company in Edmonton will help you minimize costs and save time while realizing your project.

The difference between web design and web development

The web designer and the web developer are part of the development of a website or web applications. However, they both have their own function. The website designer Edmonton takes care of the visual part of the pages. The web developer has the technical skills to maintain the system. Unlike the web designer, he focuses on the logical and technical aspect of programming.

We deal intensively with your wishes and develop exactly the tailor-made solution for you that meets your individual needs.

Our web developer team pays special attention to your project needs and always recommends the best approach to perform it cost effectively without sacrificing quality. Our coders have the necessary technical skills to code your web development service needs.

We provide website development services that turn your business into a linchpin for profit.

Ecommerce Website Development

Sell your products online using the latest web techniques to increase your sales and business income. These applications are best for retail or selling physical products.

WordPress Site Development

Our web developers are geek programmers for designing and developing world famous WordPress websites.

CMS Web Development

Manage your digital web applications with common CMS such as WordPress, Drupal & Joomla or create your own web app tailored to your needs.

Custom Web Development

Techatami's web developers are experienced in developing your custom applications based on your concept.

Web Development Vancouver
Web Design & Development Edmonton AB, Canada

The attractiveness of websites is increased by regular maintenance and update – not only for visitors but also for search engines.

Our specialization in the maintenance and support of your website guarantees that you can fully concentrate on your business and that your website is always “up-to-date“.

The benefits and advantages of regular website maintenance:

More time for your daily business: Get more time for your important business tasks, because you no longer have to do the website maintenance yourself or have your employees do it.

Greater customer satisfaction: Well-maintained websites convey quality and offer customers useful and up-to-date information on offers, products and services.

Higher search engine relevance: Regular website maintenance contributes significantly to search engine optimization (SEO). In this way, better rankings can be achieved in the long term.

Better technical condition: Website monitoring and regular maintenance of content can also be used to detect hidden defects in websites.

Cheaper website maintenance costs: With a website maintenance contract, you save on homepage maintenance costs compared to individual orders. You get a larger service contingent through up to 40% lower prices for web maintenance.

Personal care and advice: If you have any questions or problems, we are available to you individually and personally on all topics relating to your website.

Are you looking for a professional who will create a really good website for you and use SEO (search engine optimization) to bring it high in the search results?

Elements of Web Design

Free initial consultation

First there is a consultation, in which we get an overview and define your goals.

Creation of a concept

After the order has been placed, our web design agency will develop a concept that includes all the topics from our consultation and the offer.


We build a 1:1 image of your future website. Since we do not use any standard templates, the creation of the prototype creates a completely individual, tailored design for your company.


So, you can be sure that your website looks completely different than that of your competitor.

Finishing touches

Shortly before the start, we check all texts and search engine relevant content and adjust them if necessary.

Dedicated Web Development in Edmonton, AB

The demand for your product or service already exists! All you have to do is draw the prospect’s attention to you in a positive way and provide them with the most important information so that they can contact you.

What can we provide you?

A professional web page design of a completely new website according to the latest standards

A website with a CMS system with the possibility of independent updating

Responsive website design – websites usable on all types of mobile devices and tablets

Excellent web galleries, catalogues, forums and other features according to your needs

Better positioning of your website on the search engines

Hop on a call with one of Edmonton’s website design and development experts at +1 236-412-3333 and set the ball rolling. Choose Techatami Web Design and Development Edmonton professionals who are well-experienced and have a better knowledge of changes in technologies.


Frequently asked questions

You asked, We answered

We are one of the most affordable website design and development agencies in Edmonton, Canada. Every website is different and so is the cost. Give us a call at +1 236-412-3333 to get a quote now.

Our professional web developers strive to deliver your website at the earliest possible. Sometimes there are special features that are time consuming, technologies that take more time than others and sometimes we may stumble upon better ideas for your website. 

Having said that, our team will share a tentative project time before it starts working on it. Feel free to discuss your time constraints with us. 

Our professional web design and development team is ready to help you even after the project is over.

We can help with

  • Security upgrades
  • Backups
  • Performance updates
  • Content updation
  • SEO revisions and more

Yes. We need the website content, images, videos, business credentials, and login details to start working on your website. We consult you at every stage so you get exactly what you want in the end.

Still, have questions? Shoot an email at info@techatami.com

 We’ll revert in less than 24 hours with the best possible explanation for your business.